While it is an accepted rule that what happens at Fetishcon stays at Fetishcon, this battle is just too good not to share!  We open on the blonde bombshell VIKA relating to the camera that she has noticed fellow convention attendee ASIA PEREZ getting more than a little too familiar with her man and it has Vika pretty pissed off!  It seems she’s set up a little trap to teach her a lesson.

Shortly after we see Asia walking into the hotel room, thinking she is there for a photo shoot with Sleeperkid, only for Vika to lock a sleeper hold on her!  Perhaps Vika figured her size would be an insurmountable advantage but she judged wrong as Asia is able to reverse the hold and apply her own, dragging Vika onto the bed and putting the beautiful blond to sleep! Asia wakes Vika up just long enough to apply a triangle choke, trash talking her as she puts her out a second time, letting her know that if she wants Vika’s man, there is nothing she can do about it.

That threat seems to light a fire under Vika as she hoists the petite grappler up and delivers a Power Bomb onto the bed that knocks Asia out! Having been humiliated by the smaller girl, Vika is out for vengeance and destroys Asia with multiple KO’s (including a HOM Smother against the wall, an Octopus Stretch, and a series of splashes) before using a length of bondage rope (not a hard foreign object to find at Fetishcon admittedly) to strangle the lovely brunette unconscious.

While her victory is secure at this point, she still wants to ensure Asia has learned her lesson. We fade back in to see Asia now tied to a chair as Vika takes a marker to write “Vika’s Bitch” on her stomach, waking her flirty opponent long enough to let her know she is going to go enjoy dinner with her man while Asia is tied up before a right cross returns Asia to dreamland.  Vika departs, leaving Asia to be cleaned up by the house keepers and hopefully with the lesson learned not to play with Vika’s things.



Length: 18 min

Price:  13.99