Filmed at FetishCon, this creative superheroine scenario features the fantastic JJ and GIA LOVE!

We fade in on Gia Love (portraying the villainous Purple Haze) speaking to the camera.  She has captured the Governor’s beautiful daughter (JJ), who is unconscious beside her on the bed and is demands ten million dollars and her other wishes be met if he ever wants to see her again!  JJ awakens, groggy and confused only for Purple Haze to lock her in a sleeper hold and send her back to dream land.

Purple Haze continues to toy with her helpless victim while giving a running dialogue to the Governor about how she will just continue to destroy his daughter until her demands are met.  JJ is knocked out multiple times, only to be woken up and put out yet again with tactics ranging from headscissor and punches to a brutal blackjack and a chloroform soaked rag!

Purple Haze prepares to further punish the poor girl when suddenly she fights back, applying her own sleeper hold that puts Purple Haze out cold.  She stands and changes out of the “rave” clothes she had on, revealing that she is in fact the superheroine Blue Dream!  She was only posing as the Governor’s daughter to track down Purple Haze.  Our heroine pulls Purple Haze to her feet, one hand on the villainess’ throat as she delivers a series of punches to the face that seal the evil doer’s defeat!

Also included with this video are Outtakes and Alternate Takes!


Length: 21 min

Price: 16.99