This awesome video features the vivacious CHRISTINA CARTER dealing with the most dangerous of issues facing a new home owner…

We open on Christina relaxing on the couch and telling her friend all about the new house she has purchased.  It has a great view, a hot tub, really everything you could ever want, and she got it a rock bottom price.  Sure, the realtor had warned her not to buy it because it was supposedly haunted but really, who believes in that sort of thing?

Christina has no sooner gotten off the phone when we see the point of view of something racing through the house towards her (reminiscent of “The Evil Dead”).  Suddenly, Christina’s eyes go wide as some unseen entity begins to strangle her!!!

Christa squirms and flails, looking around and trying to process just what is happening to her but those struggles soon slow and she passes out limply on the couch.  We see her arms and legs lifted and dropped as the spirit toys with her unconscious form.  Christina slowly awakens and tries to escape…but I don’t think this spirit is inclined to let her leave just yet….

This video is an absolute treat for fans of invisible opponents and limp play with Christina Carter turning in an incredible performance against the malevolence living within her new home.  While she will certainly regret her purchase, YOU will certainly love yours after picking up this clip!


Invisible Choke KO
Invisible Punches KO
Invisible Face Slam into the Floor KO
Invisible Strangle from behind KO
Invisible Face Smashes into the Door KO
Limp Limb Checks
Tongue Protrusion


Length: 16 min

Price: 12.99