We fade in on the beautiful Nicole Oring and the stunning Sumiko, announcing themselves as a brand new tag team called THE BANZAI BABES: a team SO bad-ass, they say, that NO ONE can stand in their way…including SKW champ SAPPHIRE: who overhears the two from the locker room.  Sapphire happily accepts the duo’s challenge…a tag team handicap match that starts with her facing off against Nicole!

Sapphire starts off strong, trapping Nicole in an ab stretch, slapping her abs for fun.  She moves on to a standing torture rack PAIN KO, using Nicole’s limp body to taunt her tag partner.  Sapphire works Nicole’s abs over, then nails a perfect SAPPHIRE BOMB for the KO!  Sapphire goes for the pin but a furious Sumiko attacks with a hidden chain.  She stands Sumiko up and puts her down with a sudden and brutal CHOKE SLAM KO.  Sumiko finds herself trapped in Sapphire’s reverse neck scissors after she comes to for yet another KO, with Sapphire all smiles as she stands over the fallen team.  She goes for a pin but Nicole tries to attack with a blackjack.  Sapphire easily takes the weapon away and nails a strike to Nicole’s head!  A sudden kneeling dragon sleeper puts Nicole’s lights out but Sapphire is far from done.

She traps Nicole in a camel clutch, followed by a perfect sleeper hold KO!  Sapphire goes for the pin but Sumiko wakes up and attacks AGAIN!  Sapphire slams the tiny wrestler into the wall, sending elbows into her rib cage.  Sapphire nails a sidewalk slam KO and follows up with a brutal SCORPION CROSSLOCK, followed by a DEATH STAR LOCK KO!  Sapphire goes for the matchbook pin but Nicole starts to come to.  This time Sapphire’s ready, disarming her with a kick to the belly and grabbing both girls by the hair and dog-walking them across the mats.  She then traps them in a dual knee / chain choke that slowly puts them out, leaving them piled on the mats.  A laughing Sapphire writes “JOBBER # 1” and  “JOBBER # 2” across both bellies before going for her final pin….and victory pose!


Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99