The action starts fast and furious in this themed video featuring TAKAIJI as an irate prison guard trying to locate an escaped inmate and SUMIKO as a prisoner who Takaiji is convinced knows something about the escape!

 As we fade in, Sumiko is dragged into the mat room, handcuffed and with a sack over her head. Takaiji demands to know how Sumiko’s friend escaped but the Asian beauty either genuinely doesn’t know or simply is refusing to be a snitch.  While her loyalty is admirable, it comes with a high price as Takaiji subjects her to an utterly brutal interrogation that combines brutal striking, bone wrenching submissions, and a few nasty foreign objects!  Despite the absolute torture she is forced to deal with, Sumiko remains steadfast and defiant throughout, which only seems to increase Takaiji’s rage and determination to get her to talk.

Despite the constant escalation of pain and torture tactics, some so intense she passes out from the pain, Sumiko is still able to not reveal the details of the escape.  Far from being willing to give up, Takaiji instead decides that maybe a few days in solitary confinement will loosen her tongue.  Our last image of is of Sumiko alone in a small cell, her hands cuffed to a pole above her head, with nothing left to do but think about what will come the next time Takaiji drags her out of that cell…


Taser Attack
Belly Punching
Lifting Reverse Bearhug KO
Double Nerve Pinch KO
Belly Claw
Garrote Strangle KO
Tongue Protrusion
Limp Carrying
Figure Four Leglock Pain KO
Duster Mask KO
Hypodermic “Pain Intensifier” Drug
Lifting Bearhug KO
Over the Knee Backbreaker KO
Over the Shoulder Carry


Length: 25 min

Price: 18.99