The Stunning LIA LABOWE and TAKAIJI return to SKW and it is an absolute treat to have them working together!!!

We begin with Lia pacing around the SKW mats and hardly able to contain her excitement!  She’s hired Takaiji for a wrestling session and when the statuesque beauty arrives Lia can’t help but gush over how big of a fan she is.  Lia really wants to experience Takaiji’s power, especially as it relates to knock outs and Takaiji is more than happy to oblige.

What follows is a outstanding “session” that see’s Lia put through some of Takaiji’s best holds and slowly coming to love every moment of the domination she is being dealt.  Takaiji frequently checks with Lia, making sure she can handle the pressure, only to have her star struck and knock out loving client ask for more and to be put totally out.
As their session draws to a close Lia is put through a final prolonged Sleeperhold KO that has her squirming desperately before drifting off to sleep.  Takaiji sweetly, and easily, hoists the sleeping Lia up over her shoulder to carry her away to sleep it off.  Given how things went, I think it’s safe to say she just earned a repeat customer…

Sleeper Hold KO
Reverse Chin Lock/Naked Choke KO
One Handed Strangle KO
Headscissor KO
Figure Four Headscissor KO
Reverse Figure Four Headscissor KO
Limp Limb Checks
Double Nerve Pinch KO
Lifting Bearhug KO
Final Sleeperhold KO
Over the Shoulder Carry


Length: 23 min
Price: 18.99