Will people ever learn that angering TAKAIJI is never going to work out well for them?  Certainly not today, as the adorable IVY SLOAN does just that.  As we fade in, Ivy is talking about how she is tried of how Takaiji is always talking trash about her matches and smaller girls in general.  Ivy is so fired up that she doesn’t realize the Titan herself is sneaking up behind her!!!

Takaiji’s strategy for this matchup is simple: TORTURE PERSONIFIED!  She traps her diminutive opponent in excruciating hold after hold, eliciting ear splitting screams from the beautiful blond as poor Ivy pleads for mercy. But those screams are music to Takaiji’s ears and she eggs Ivy on, demanding she scream even louder and trying to force her to tears.

Hold after Hold, ranging from torture racks and leg locks to vicious hair pulls and baby swings, all have Ivy screaming and howling in pain but the worst is yet to come.  The Titan clamps on a merciless Iron Claw that reduces Ivy to a sobbing, crying mess as a satisfied Takaiji finally decides she has had enough.  The Titan walks off the mats as we pan over s crying and destroyed Ivy, who has hopefully learned an important lesson today.

Also included in this clip is an awesome Alternate Ending that includes a Tombstone Piledriver KO and Over the Knee Back Breaker finish



Length: 14 min

Price: 10.99