What happens when three ladies decide to join forces to try and take out TAKAIJI? The same thing that happens to anyone who tries to take out Takaiji…

LADY JANE, CAMERON, and PANDORA are all on the couch discussing wrestling when the topic turns to Takaiji. It appears all three of them are schedule to have a match with her on the same day.  Knowing how dangerous the Titan can be, they realize their best chance of success will be to all show up at the same time and overwhelm her with sheer numbers.

However, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men (and lady wrestlers) often go awry.  The ladies fail to synchronize properly and end up showing up separately, making them easy prey for multiple knock outs from Takaiji!  Even once all three of them are there, they are no match for the Titan as she creatively destroys the trio, many times using their numbers against them.

That doesn’t mean each lady doesn’t get personal attention.  With the trio battered and weakened, Takaiji takes the time to put each individual grappler back to sleep with a perfect Sleeperhold and pin each of them with a three count before striking a dominant victory pose.  Sadly Pandora, Cameron, and Lady Jane never learned the important lesson that more doesn’t always mean better….

Your Winner: TAKAIJI!!!


Head Vice KO
Lifting Bearhug KO
Splashes KO
Over the Shoulder Carry
Sleeperhold KO
Boot on Skull Pressure KO
Fireman’s Carry
Body Stacking
Three Girl Boot pressure KO
Running Clothesline against the Wall
Instant Replay
Three Girl Headscissor KO
Three Girl Head smash KO
Individual Sleeperhold KO and Pin


Length: 15 min

Price: 10.99