ANOTHER SKW CLASSIC, re-discovered and restored!!!

In this old school tag battle, we have legends Helena and Devon squaring off against the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (AKA: Lacey and Rain)!  The Crew gets cut-off in the middle of trash-talking by the SKW tag team, who puts the loud and brash girls down with axe-handle blows and a side-by-side sleeper attack, a camel clutch for Rain, a DOUBLE boston crab, snap mares, and a double neck scissors KO!   Helena and Devon go for a pin but the pros kick out and attack, nailing blows that stun their opponents and leave them open to a side by side sleeper hold double KO, stomps, a double camel clutch, side by side boston crabs, massive elbow drop KOs, a side by side double STUNNER KO, a body /neck scissors combo double KO, and SIDE BY SIDE piledriver/tombstone finisher!

The ladies aren’t done yet, though, adding insult to injury with a final forced body smash and a double leghook pin!

(includes outtakes)


Length:  13 min

Price: 8.99