Legendary pro wrestlers LACEY and RAIN team up against SUMIKO in this epic SKW clip!  The rules are simple.  The first lady to score a KO and a follow up pin wins the match…and while Lacey and Rain have a numbers advantage, it’s Sumiko who strikes first, nailing an amazing dropkick that flattens the Minnesota Home-Wrecking Crew!   She follows up nicely, landing an off-the-wall BULLDOG that leaves Lacey out cold next to her partner!  Sumiko follows up her opening attack, laying into Lacey with belly attacks, a standing foot choke, an Octopus Lock, leg whips, knee drops to the thighs, a brutal figure four leglock, a boston crab, an STF/surfboard, a near sleeper hold KO, and a final attempt at a finishing piledriver KO!   She can’t seem to get Lacey up, however…all while Rain slowly comes to.  Sumiko’s arrogance costs her the moment Rain’s forearm strikes her back, dropping her like a rock!

Rain comforts her fallen partner and goes to work on the stunned Sumiko, wearing her belly down with punches, kicks, and knees as Lacey gets her strength back.  Rain applies a standing boot choke on the quickly-weakening Sumiko, followed by a double handed choke, an axe handle blow to the back, stomps, and a Boston crab as a freshly-recovered Lacey watches, laughing.     Rain drops Sumiko with a sudden lung blower that Lacey meets with a REVERSE lung blower KO!  The Home Wrecking Crew is back…and in top form as they proceed to completely destroy SKW fave Sumiko via…

double DDT KO
a FULL piggy back BACK DROP
fake pin

Satisfied, Lacey goes for a single finger-on-the-chest pin as Rain counts it!  The ladies over-celebrate, as always…mocking Sumiko as she lays completely unconscious on the mats!



Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99