We fade in in on SKW powerhouse Sumiko facing off against the lovely and skilled Sarah Brooke…and here’s the breakdown!

round one: Sarah Brooke attacks with a headlock but Sumiko reverses into an armlock.  Sarah sweeps Sumiko’s leg and stomps her stomach, attacking with a wall splash and THREE back to back DDT KOs.  She pins Sumiko with a reverse straddle that chokes her out but Sumiko manages to kick out.  She attacks Sarah with belly blows, a REVERSE cartwheel wall splash, off the wall handstand splashes, and a killer Fireman’s stunner that knocks the visiting wrestler out COLD!

Sumiko goes for a matchbook pin but Sarah manages to kick out.  Sarah reverses with a sweep and attacks with a brutal boston crab, a scorpion crosslock, a sleeper hold KO, and a grapevine pin that Sumiko tries to kick out of, leading to a front chokeout that puts Sumiko out yet AGAIN.  Sarah goes for the pin but Sumiko manages to kick out yet again.  Furious, Sumiko turns the tides and slams forearm after forearm into Sarah’s skull, following up THAT KO with a brutal suplex and a barrage of split splashes that crush Sarah’s abs!  Sumiko goes for a sexy reverse split pin that Sarah tries to kick out of but Sumiko leans back, choking Sarah out with her thighs!  Sumiko goes for the pin but Sarah manages to come to and nail a brutal kick to the Japanese fighter’s face!  Sumiko passes out, letting her full weight crush Sarah’s throat again…leading to a double KO!

Eventually Sarah comes to and takes control, nailing back to back TOMBSTONE piledrivers on Sumiko!  She leans back and goes for a straddle/leg hook pin, but Sumiko comes to…only to get knocked out with a sudden elbow from Sarah!   Sarah re-pins Sumiko but the Little Dragon manages to push her off at the last second!  She traps Sarah in a reverse body scissors, squeezing until her opponent is out COLD.

In control, Sumiko goes for a brutal barrage, nailing a TOMBSTONE piledriver, an EAT DEFEAT KO, a reverse figure four neckscissors KO, and a final spladle/matchbook pin that comes with additional TWO HANDED choke that puts Sarah Brooke down for GOOD.

Sumiko, exhausted, gets the pin, the win, and the final victory pose!


Length: 21 min

Price: 15.99