SK and KERI show the world the TRUE definition of “wrestling chemistry” in this amazing squash match!!!

We fade in on the beautiful Keri Spectrum, looking exhausted as she traps Sleeperkid in a powerful sleeper.  The two have been battling it out for hours, it seems…both competitors tired and breathing heavily as they go for a decisive pin.  She knocks him out but presses her advantage, trapping him in a reverse figure four neckscissors that puts him out yet again.  A barely conscious Keri goes for the pin but SK manages to kick out at the last second.   He flips her over and traps her in a vicious blood choke on the mats, squeezing as hard as he can until his lovely opponent is completely out COLD.  What follows is a very dramatic squash, as a near exhausted SK delivers KO after KO, begging his opponent to stay out.  A defiant Keri manages to hold out for quite some time, until SK decides to end her defense with a final TOMBSTONE piledriver KO.  SK manages to get the pin on top of his longtime friend/rival…seconds before passing out on top of her as the camera fades to black!

Also included:

ground choke KOs
“exhuasted” performances
“sleepy” dialogue
belly punching
belly attacks
multiple pin attempts
camel clutch / hand over mouth smother KO
multiple forearms to the face
standing bearhug
ground bearhug KO
sleeper hold KO
hair pulling
temple drill KO
triangle choke KO
triangle choke / neck drops
forearms to the gut
double handed blood choke
single handed blood choke KO
front sleeper KO
reverse dragon sleeper ground KO with forearms to the belly
single punch to the belly KO
second extended sleeper KO
final TOMBSTONE piledriver KO
final pin
body pile



Length: 22 min

Price: 16.99