Keri Spectrum faces off against SKW’s Saya Savage in an intense back and forth / multi-fall pro style bash!  Spoilers below…

(All rounds end in pins and victory poses unless otherwise noted)

Round one: Saya dominates with belly punches, a snap mare, chinlock surfboard, and a face f*cker KO for the win!

Round two:  Keri dominates with an armlock, arm wringer flip into a jujigitame armlock, knee drops to the arm, straddle arm bar, and a sleeper hold KO for the win.

Round three: Saya takes control with a knee to Keri’s gut, multiple wall punches to the belly, a brutal wall splash KO, belly claw, multiple belly splashes, and a reverse bearhug KO for the win.

Round four: Keri nails a punch to the belly, body slams, a BRUTAL swing out over the knee backbreaker, a ROMERO/CEILING hold, and a final sleeper hold while Saya is locked in the Ceiling Hold for the win!

Round five: the ladies nail a double clothesline double KO but make their way up before the count out.  A double bearhug squeezes the life and consciousness out of BOTH ladies, leaving them out on the mats.  They make their way up one last time, delivering a series of forearms to each other’s jaws and a brutal DOUBLE headbutt that floors them both for the count out!   It’s now time for a…

SUDDEN DEATH final fall: the girls lock up and Saya traps Keri in a hammerlock.  Keri reverses into a figure four leglock, but Saya reverses!  Saya goes for a piledriver but Keri turns it into a reverse driver that knocks Saya out.  Saya kicks out of the pin, however, so Keri nails a standard driver and goes for the cover.  Saya BARELY kicks out, enraging Keri…who decides to end it all with a TOMBSTONE piledriver that finally takes Saya OUT.  A final pin seals the deal, and gives us a clear (and exhausted) victor!

Your winner:  KERI SPECTRUM!


Length: 17 min

Price: 14.99