In this astounding custom battle, the beautiful Sumiko decides to challenge Sapphire for the SKW championship belt in a special rules match.  She tells Sapphire she’s been working out like crazy and she feels a BODY SLAM contest would work out in her favor.  Sapphire laughs and instantly accepts, much to Sumiko’s delight.  Once the battle begins, however, it’s obvious that Sumiko’s bitten off way more than she can chew.  She tries to stun Sapphire with a sudden gut punch and a body slam but she can’t budge the bigger Latina heel!  Sapphire reverses with her OWN body slam, smashing Sumiko into the mats and grinning as the Japanese wrestler arches her back, screaming in pain.  Sapphire is relentless, delivering BODY SLAM after BODY SLAM, with Sumiko delivering some truly painful-looking back arches and gut-wrenching groans and moans.  Sumiko begs for mercy, fearing that her back may suffer permanent injury but Sapphire continues her assault, slamming Sumiko into a screaming mess on the mats.  There’s a HUGE emphasis on Sumiko’s back arching (with low side camera angles) as she screams at the ceiling, until a final body slam finally satisfies Sapphire.

A broken Sumiko thanks Sapphire for stopping, but the champ has one more trick up her sleeve…one that involves a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO onto the championship belt!

Sumiko’s pain is gone as she slips into unconsciousness, leading to a matchbook pin and a final victory pose for Sapphire!


Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99