We crack open the SKW vault to bring you a battle of the blondes as the always lovely Ivy Sloan, a relative newcomer when this match was filmed, taking on the beautiful SKW veteran Shan!

The two ladies are ready to lock up for this 10 count pin match, but Ivy wants to make a statement before the match that she’s been working out and there is no way Shan can beat her.   Even more confidently, the little blonde claims she can easily pick her opponent up over her head.

Ivy goes for fireman carry but it just isn’t going to happen.   Shan easily tosses her down and then applies a standing headscissor!   Chastising the younger girl for her confidence, Shan pours on the pressure and soon Ivy is out cold!   Shan lets her flop to the mat only to wake her up with a front headscissor which Shan transitions into a figure four headscissor and out goes Ivy again!  It looks like Shan might grant the little blonde some mercy as she gets on top of her with a body press grapevine pin, but there is no attempt at a count.

Instead Shan stretches out the smaller wrestler, even inverting the hold and rolling on her own back.  Poor Ivy can’t do anything but submit to the hold.  But that submission can’t end the match and Ivy is further subjected to a mounted choke, a brutal camel clutch, and a sleep inducing Bearhug as Shan seeks to make an example of her young challenger.  After tossing Ivy to the mat like a ragdoll, Shan wakes her up only to apply a seated sleeper.  It’s just a technicality at this point though as the poor blonde has no fight left.  Having proved her point, Shan opts for a cocky school girl pin to her tiny opponent and after an easy ten count, strikes a cocky victory pose.



Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99