The popular Sentry Girls series continues, this time with the bombastic TERRA MIZU taking the lead role as the supervisor who directs our Agent in his VR simulation to eliminate the multiple clones of herself in the hopes of promotion, as well as a bonus.

Our agent works his way through the POV simulation, employing a wide variety of tactics to take out the multiple bikini clad Terra clones in expert fashion, as well as taking time after each attack to ensure she is out with limb and eye checks.

Upon reaching the final clone it seems like our Agent might be done as this Terra is armed with a pistol and gets the drop on him.  But you don’t last long in this business without a few tricks up your sleeve as the final Terra learns!

Great action and a superior performance from the lovely Terra Mizu in this stellar clip!!!


Multiple Face Punches KO
One Hand Choke out KO
“Derri-Air” KO Pose
Eye Rolling
Tongue Protrusion
Limp Limb Checks
Chloroform Rag KO
Black Jack KO
Knife Attack Elimination
Nerve Strike Immobilization/Nerve Pinch
Poseable “KO Doll” scenario
Taser KO
Sleepy Aerosol Spray KO
KO Dart Gun KO
Hypnotic Orb Scenario
Hypnotized Countdown KO
Hypnotized Black Jack Self KO
Machine Gun Elimination


Length: 21 min

Price: 16.99