Two of SKW’s very best go at it in a back and forth, multi-fall KO/pins match…and here’s the breakdown:

Round one: Saya takes command with a sudden stunner KO and a pin…making this one of the fastest rounds in SK history!

Round two:  a lock up leads to a test of strength that Anne turns into a sudden X-Factor KO.  She follows up with a massive PILEDRIVER KO and a TOMBSTONE piledriver for the pin!

Round three: Anne takes control with a sudden Texas Cloverleaf that has Saya screaming on the mats, followed by another brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver for the win!

Round four: Anne is pissed…throwing Saya into the wall and nailing a series of belly blows.  She goes for a running splash but Saya moves out of the way.  Anne knocks herself out with a brutal head smash and Saya takes control, dropping axe handle blows across her belly.  She switches to leg drops, winding Anne on the ground before tossing her into the wall for some gut punishment!  A huge running bulldog KO takes Anne down and OUT, but an angered Saya isn’t done yet.  She wakes Anne up and puts her back out with a tight sleeper hold, followed by a leg hook pin!

Round five: Saya is incomplete control, nailing a sudden PILEDRIVER KO and going for the pin, but Anne kicks out. Saya goes for another driver but Anne suddenly lifts her in a perfect REVERSE piledriver position!  She drops Saya for the instant KO and pushes her advantage, going for another Tombstone.  This time, however, Saya traps Anne’s neck between her thighs, squeezing and slowly putting the blonde fighter out…which of course leads to her dropping to the mat and knocking Saya out with the driver!  SK calls the round a draw as we pan over the piled-up wrestlers.

Round six: SK walks in on both Saya and Anne-Marie arguing over who WOULD have won the last round.  He offers to settle it via a sudden death round where the winner has to nail a KO and a ten count pin.  The ladies agree and the round begins.  Anne-Marie starts off with a tight bearhug on Saya but she reverses with a double chop to the neck.  Saya knocks Anne out with a skull-crushing head vise and moves on to multiple face punches, knee strikes to the face, and a massive super-kick that sends Anne flying across the room!  Satisfied, Saya goes for the final matchbook/press pin and her victory pose!

Your winner: SAYA SAVAGE

(includes outtakes and alternate takes)


Length: 16 min

Price: 12.99