Two of SKW’s VERY BEST face off in a classic pro battle!  The beautiful Heather West and Saya Savage both make old school entrances (complete with ring jackets) as they prepare to do battle.  Saya attacks as Heather removes her jacket, tossing her against the wall and wearing her down with a barrage of belly blows!  Saya then snap mares Heather to the mat and chokes here with her jacket.  She presses her advantage, attacking Heather with a clothesline, a two handed choke, a “cheating” ankle choke, sidewalk slams, hair pulling, a single leg boston crab, foot biting, a brutal camel clutch, an eye rake, back rake, standing arm lock, MORE cheat tactics/biting, stomps, leg drops to the body, a neck scissors, figure four neckscissors, a brutal standing choke against the wall, a brutal hair pull, a full weight belly stand, and a final sleeper hold that slowly puts the lovely blonde wrestler OUT!

Saya isn’t done, however…using Heather’s locks to choke her back awake!  She taunts her with a fake pin, and then another one, wearing her down with TWO low blows, a headbutt to the groin, a punch to the throat, and an intense standing bearhug that slowly wears Heather down til she’s out yet AGAIN.  Saya goes in for the kill after yet another fake pin, a brutal neck claw, an X-Factor, a reverse neckscissors, and a final head vise grip that breaks Heather’s spirit.  The blonde jobber screams her submission moments before a smiling Saya finally releases the hold!  She grabs Heather and tosses her out of the mat room as SK announces her as the winner, smiling as she poses and preens for the camera!

(includes alternate KO ending)



Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99