The beautiful and powerful ROCKIN’ ROCK-C takes down a ton of opponents in this TWO PART release!!!

Part one:  Tiffany Roxx vs Rock-C
Tag team partners-tunred rivals Tiffany and Rock-C go at it tooth and nail, with some intense opening chain wrestling, headlocks, and reversals that eventually lead to Rock-C taking control.  She dominates Tiffany via a wall choke, belly punches, suplex, a sleeper hold KO, and some hair pulling but Tiffany strikes back with a sudden DDT!  Tiffany nails a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver but Rock-C kicks out of her pin.  Rock-C reverses the action with a sudden PUMP HANDLE slam, a SPIKED SIT DOWN PILEDRIVER, and a final TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO.  Tiffany looks done, but a sudden surprise Russian Leg Sweep puts Rock-C down and out for the three count pin!  Looks like Miss Roxx has WON this one, but as she tries to stand her opponent up and offer a handshake, Rock-C angrily attack, nailing a clothesline,belly punching, chokes, forearm smashes to the face, a massive CHAIR SHOT to the skull KO, and a final trash talk session as she sits her half conscious partner on the very chair that knocked her out!

Part two: Rock-C vs Anne-Marie, Cassidy, and Tiffany Roxx
In this amazing gauntlet battle, Rock-C takes down THREE opponents: one at a time, and then all together!

Round one features Anne attacking with a sleeper that gets reversed by the powerful Rock-C, who attacks with a boston crab, body slam, leg drops, suplexes, a wall splash KO, and a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the KO and win!

Round two features Cassidy attacking with a jumping reverse headlock that Rock-C reverses with a SPINE BUSTER!   Cassidy is barely conscious as Rock-C works her over with a torture rack, bearhug, a choke slam KO, power slam, and a final PILEDRIVER KO for the win!

Round three features Rock-C against her old tag partner, who hits a beautiful drop kick and works Rock-C over with belly blows and a small bulldog, moving on to hair pulling, kicks to the body, reverse DDT, knees to the gut, and a final clothesline that leads to a sudden reversal and leg sweep drop from Rock-C!  Furious, Rock-C takes Tiffany down with a spiked DDT KO and a brutal TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO!

Final round: Rock-C gets attacked by all three ladies but reverses it, slamming Tiffany into a wall and knocking Anne-Marie and Cassidy off their feet with a double clothesline.  She decides to make an example out of the jobber trio.  She nails an X-Factor on Tiffany, wall splashes Anne and Cassidy, splashes them on the ground til they’re out, and knocks them ALL out with a brutal triple neck scissors!!!

A bonus scene features Rock-C getting taken out by SK, who had been asked to back the trio up should they lose!  SK takes Rock-C down with TWO piledrivers and even asks Cassidy to count the pin!


Part two:

Length: 30 min

Price: 23.99