Facing either Tiny or the Machine in a one on one match is a daunting task for any of the ladies here at SKW but what happens when the lovely Cynder is forced to deal with BOTH of these heels at the same time?  A beat down of EPIC proportions and an absolute treat for the fans!

We fade in on Tiny and Cynder cutting a promo regarding their upcoming match against the Machine.  It appears Tiny has taken Cynder under his wing and started training her, though given her light hearted demeanor in the promo, it seems that she hasn’t quite picked up the killer instinct Tiny wants her to possess.  When the Machine arrives on scene and Tiny allows his new partner to start the match, poor Cynder is destroyed in less than half a minute and gives the Machine the easiest win of his career.

Obviously this doesn’t sit well with Tiny and he furiously berates Cynder for being a jobber.  Just when it looks like Cynder is going to be on the wrong side of another beat down from Tiny, the giant offers the Machine the opportunity to join in on the fun.  What follows is one of the most brutal handicapped matches ever filmed.  Creative double team tactics abound as Cynder endures a beating that sees her at one point begging to the cameraman for help as she tries to crawl away from her opponents and at another pathetically promising to “do better” than her previous performance in the hopes of being shown mercy.  As you can expect, both of those pleas fall on deaf ears.  Fans, you cannot miss the chance to see this historic team up between SKW ‘s premiere masked heels!

YOUR WINNERS (Was there ever any doubt?): TINY AND THE MACHINE


Body Punching
Double Belly Claw KO
Eye Rolling/Twitching
Derri “air” KO poses
Limp Limb checks
Double Team Torture Rack/Belly Destruction
Double Team “Wishbone” leg spread
False Pins
Double Body Scissors
Double Team Inverted Bear Hug/Belly Destruction
Full Weight “Body Walking”
Double Team “Rowboat” stretch
Double Team Lifting Full Nelson/Belly Destruction
Double Team Over the Knee Backbreaker/Belly Claw
Belly Buster
Double Team Sleeperhold/Belly Claw
Big Splashes
Double Matchbook Pin
Double Victory Pose


Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99