The Legendary HOLLYWOOD returns to the SKW mats, facing off against fan favorite and comparative newcomer, the beautiful EDEN!!!  While Hollywood has a definite experience advantage coming into this multi-fall KO’s with a ten count pin match, Eden has been a fast learning and is definitely no push over and she is determined to give the veteran a run for her money!

The two lock up and Hollywood proves once again why she has earned her reputation as one of the best in the business taking quick control of Eden and brutalizing her up against the wall before making use of a Sleeperhold to earn a near fall and then a “Kiss of Death” front choke to truly put Eden down for the count and win this first round.

Our raven haired beauty is going down without a fight though and she starts off Round Two strong, torturing Hollywood with a brutal Boston Crab and a Lotus Lock before a series of skull crushing face slams (shown again in a great INSTANT REPLAY) into the mat leave Hollywood out cold and helpless to stop Eden from evening up the score with one round each.

Sadly for Eden though, Hollywood seems to always take it more than a little personally when these newcomers get one up on her and despite Eden’s genuinely impressive effort in Round Two, from here on out it is ALL Hollywood.  The GLOW alum takes her frustrations out on Eden and takes the next two falls with breath stealing Bearhug knockout and a front Headscissor KO that leave Eden not only down on the score cards but severely weakened and groggy.

Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t done with her yet.  The match all but won already, Hollywood brings a steel chair into the mix, sitting the poor Eden down and humiliating her by writing “Property of Hollywood” on her stomach before producing a set of custom “SKW” brass knuckles.  Her loaded fists fly and knock Eden cold but it’s STILL not enough for the cruel veteran!!!  That chair becomes a weapon and multiple chair shots end both the match and any hope for a comeback from Eden.

Hollywood folds up her destroyed “property” for an easy final pin and proudly poses over yet another youngster who will never forget the day they met this legend!!!



Length: 17 min

Price: 14.99