POCAHONTAS takes SUMIKO on in this multi fall pro KOs/pins match…and here’s the breakdown!!!

(each round ends with a pin and victory pose unless otherwise stated)

Round one: Pocahontas dominates with belly attacks, a snap mare, and a brutal sleeper hold that takes Sumiko out!

Round two: Sumiko dominates with a belly kick, X-Factor KO, multiple cartwheel splashes, and a tight triangle choke KO!

Round three:  Pocahontas traps Sumiko in a bearhug that saps her strength, moving on to a boston crab and a CHOKE SLAM for the KO!

Round four: Sumiko ducks a clothesline and delivers one of her own, moving on to belly punching, belly attacks, a wall splash, KO and a stunner KO for the win!

Round five: the girls lock up but Pocahontas dominates with belly blows and multiple wall splashes until Sumiko falls to the ground and she misses, slamming her own skull into the wall!   Pocahontas is OUT.  Sumiko crawls over and goes for the pin but also passes out, leaving a pile on the ground for SK to count out!  This round is a draw, leading to our…

FINAL ROUND:  Pocahontas attacks with body slams, a heart punch KO, a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver, and a pin that Sumiko BARELY kicks out of!   Frustrated, Pocahontas lifts Sumiko by the hair but the Japanese wrestler weakens her with body blows…only to nail a massive LUNG BLOWER, followed by a PILEDRIVER KO…and a final TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the pin!!!

Your Winner:  SUMIKO!

(includes alternate action shots)



Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99