OUT FOR THE KNIGHT (added on 7/3/17)

We fade in on the stunning Diana Knight sitting on a couch…surrounded by TWO unconscious wrestlers (Sinn Sage and Jacquelyn Velvets).  She introduces a “highlights” style clip (why not just call this ‘Highlights”, you ask?  Because SK loves puns, that’s why) that tells the tale of a failed attempt by Sinn and Jacquelyn to take down the always-dominant Diana!


sleeper hold KOs
forced body smash KO
face punch KO
double sleeper choke KO
uppercut KO
head slam into table KO
double bearhug KO
pillow smother KO
face kick KOs
double side neck scissors KO
camel clutch
karate chop to the neck KO
scarf strangle KO
coffee cup slam to the face
blackjack strike KO
chloroform KO


Length: 11 min

Price: 7.99