Two instant classics featuring SK vs Frankie Z and Gia Primo!

Match # 1:  vs Gia
After some serious pre-match trash talk from Gia, SK drops her with a sudden KO stunner!   The rest is downhill for the beautiful wrestler as the Kid destroys her via belly stomps, wall punches, knees to the gut, face punches to a KO, ragdolling, knee strikes to the face, face kick KO, boston crab, judo flips, body scissors, atomic drop, suplex KO, a second stunner KO, jujigitame armlock, falling knee strike to the face KO, TWO TOMBSTONE piledrivers, and a final HEART PUNCH KO followed by a matchbook pin and victory pose!

Match # 2:  vs Frankie
A standard pro battle erupts on the West Coast as Frankie Z takes early control of the match with a reverse bearhug, an armlock, a sleeper reversal, and a sleeper hold KO!  She bends SK into a boston crab but the Kid reverses and drops her with a sudden DDT KO!  He takes control and proceeds to work the Italian beauty wit belly blows but misses a splash, leaving dazed on the mats!  Frankie attacks SK’s midsection, wears him down with a sleeper hold, surfboard, and a body scissors but SK retaliates with guy shots and his OWN dreaded sleeper hold for a KO!  SK then attacks with a bearhug that Frankie turns into a guillotine…with SK punching his way out and applying a figure four leglock!  SK finally locks on a sleeper that leads to a full KO, giving him enough time to recover and finish Frankie with a brutal boston crab, a second standing sleeper KO, leg attacks, ANOTHER sleeper KO, stomps, and two BACK to BACK sleepers that leave Frankie out cold on the mats and open to the final pin.  She comes to but SK puts her right back out with an iron claw that allows him to complete his pin!


Length: 24 min

Price: 16.99