We fade in on the Sleeperkid interviewing the always adorable Miranda! It seems this relative new comer to the wrestling world has heard that Devon will be stepping away from the mats for a while and wants to claim the distinguished veterans ranking in the SKW roster as her own.  She even goes so far as to claim that Devon isn’t really that good!  This doesn’t sit too well with Devon, who was listening in, but she is willing to give Miranda a chance.  A multi-fall match with each pin or KO earning a point with the most points in the time limit winning is agreed upon by both ladies.  If Miranda wins, she gets Devon’s place in the rankings, but if Devon wins she gets a bonus round to dish out a little extra punishment to the cocky upstart.

Round 1:  As we begin it looks like Miranda might be right as she quickly takes control with an arm wrench and drives Devon against the wall to work her over.  A quick snap mare puts the vet on the mats and Miranda clamps on a tight sleeper to send her to dream land and gain the first fall! Winner: Miranda

Round 2: The youngster tries to keep that momentum going into the next round with a hammerlock but Devon has been around the block and counters easily with a leg pull takedown before following up with a series of leg drops to weaken Miranda’s thighs.  Devon gives her no chance to recover and applies a textbook sleeper of her own to take the second fall. Winner: Devon

Round 3: Miranda is still feeling the effects of that sleeper and Devon capitalized, working over her belly up against the wall before nailing a picture perfect Stunner and getting an easy pin, taking the lead!  Winner: Devon

Round 4: Miranda is definitely not ready for this round and is rethinking her challenge but Devon is not about to give her a way out of this.  A powerful Bearhug crushes the air and resistance out of the young brunette and sets up an X Factor that knocks her silly and increases Devon’s lead. Winner: Devon

Round 5: Miranda might as well be a rag doll at this point as she groggily asks for the match to stop but you are not going to get mercy from a veteran like Devon.  A jumping guillotine choke leads to a body scissors that has Miranda apologizing for her earlier claims and begging to be let go.  Devon does release the hold, but only to clamp on a neck scissor that puts Miranda down and out.   Winner: Devon
Round 6: Miranda is out on her feet as Devon gets behind her and uses the once cocky wrestler’s own hair to choke her out, easily guiding her down to the mat to take the final official pin and win the entire match!

But Devon was still entitled to her bonus round for getting the win and she makes great use of it.  A few belly stomps wake Miranda up and Devon helps her to her feet, only to DRILL her into the mat with a swinging DDT.  A final ten count pin and victory pose seal Miranda’s fate and hopefully when she wakes up she remember to respect her elders!



LENGTH: 14 min

PRICE: 11.99