What happens when you put a mean, masked heel veteran up against a cocky rookie in a KO’s only bout?  A jobber destruction for the ages!!!

We fade in on the lovely Lucy Purr, in an adorable pink bikini and boots, talking trash to SKW’s own Alex, who is rocking the old school masked heel look today.  Before our competitors face off, Lucy makes the unwise decision to mock Alex’s old school look.  The ladies square off as the rules are established: A KO’s only match with whoever scoring the most knock out points within the time limit getting the win!

Any hopes Lucy might have had against her more experienced opponent are dashed quickly as Alex immediately takes control with a piggy-back sleeper hold that slowly reduces our beautiful rookie to nothing more than a sleepy ragdoll.  What follows is a brutal, one-sided squash that sees Alex constantly trash talking and humiliating her once cocky opponent through gauntlet of KO inducing tactics that leave Lucy a destroyed and helpless mess.  As the time limit nears expiration, Alex decides to finish her off and claim her victory (with an effortless ten count pin and not one but TWO victory poses). While she started this match full of confidence, by the time Alex is done with her, Lucy has been robbed not only of her consciousness but her dignity as well!



Piggy Back Sleeper KO
Triangle Choke
Verbal Taunting
Humiliating Face Play
Tongue Protrusion
Double Temple Drill KO
Reverse Figure Four Head scissors KO
Asiatic Spike KO
Cobra Clutch KO
Kiss of Death Sleeper KO
Bear hug KO
Sleeper Hold KO
Front Face Lock/Guillotine Choke KO


Length: 23 min

Price: 17.99