We fade in on the absolutely stunning Eden and Saya Savage, both wearing adorable pastel bikinis.  It seems that Eden requested this “Best of Three” submissions only match after what Saya previously did to Jacquelyn Velvets and wants payback for her friend.  Saya is less than impressed and says Eden is just a jobber like Jacquelyn.

A quick cheap shot and  series of body slams from Saya makes one wonder if she isn’t correct in that assessment as she lifts Eden up in a torture rack backbreaker.   Eden submits but Saya won’t release the hold, setting a tone for just how vicious this match will be as Eden continues to scream in pain.  Finally releasing her opponent, Saya then starts working over the legs, slamming Eden’s knee into the mat and softening her up before clamping on the dreaded Figure Four Leglock. Eden tries to hang tough despite the tremendous pain but after holding out for a while has to give! Yet again Saya is slow to release the submission, basking in Eden’s screams.

But you can’t count Eden out and after a quick reversal of fortune; we find her mounting Saya and raining down body punches on her and applying a brutal belly claw!!  When that doesn’t gain a submission Eden pulls Saya to her feet and wraps around her in a classic abdominal stretch! Now it’s Saya’s turn to scream and finally she can’t take anymore and surrenders, only for Eden to return the favor and refuse to break the hold for a while. Eden doesn’t let up her advantage, scooping Saya up for a series of body slams of her own. With Saya’s back sufficiently weakened, Eden goes for a modification of the Mexican ceiling hold, but with a handful of hair and a chin pull to increase the pressure. Saya has no choice but to groan out her submission.

 Both girls have two submissions at this point but Eden wastes no time in beginning to work over Saya’s legs and wrapping the beauty up in a Figure Four Leglock of her own!!  Saya just can’t take it anymore and submits for the third time, only to have Eden pour on more pressure before finally releasing her and taking a foot on stomach victory pose!

Alternate Take:  Included as a bonus, we pick up after the final victory pose as Eden pulls Saya up to clamp on a brutal seated Sleeperhold that leaves Saya a sleeping, twitching mess as Eden gets a full share of payback for both herself and her friend.



Length: 18 min

Price: 14.99