When you put LUCKY O’SHEA up against ANNE MARIE in a multi fall pro style match, you are pretty much guaranteeing an explosive encounter and this match delivers in spades!!!

These two consummate professionals start off back to back and agree to the rules, NHB, No Disqualification, with the most KOs followed by a pin in the time limit taking the win.

This match has everything! Both grapplers trade off brutal submission, slumber inducing KO holds, and high impact pro moves as they battle through multiple rounds of action.  The scores stay neck and neck throughout with each lady racking up three victories as we enter Round 7, which sees a Dual Bearhug render BOTH wrestlers unconscious and force us into sudden death overtime.

Anne Marie takes control with a sudden tombstone and a traditional piledriver but instead of going for a pin she pulls Lucky up for another tombstone.  The wily pro is barely conscious but uses the last of her energy to kick her legs and shift her weight to reverse the hold and deliver her own Tombstone on Anne Marie!!  Lucky barely has the strength to cover her opponent and count her pin, nearly passing out before getting to ten but she does!  Too destroyed to even take a victory pose, Lucky can do nothing but catch her breath atop her defeated foe after this absolute war!

Your Winner: LUCKY O’SHEA!!!


Test of Strength
Belly Punching
Multiple Splashes
Eye Crossing
Sleeperhold KO
Wall Splashes
Figure Four Headscissor KO
Flying Headscissor Takedown
Triangle Choke KO
Multiple Body Slams
Multiple Sidewalk Slams
Double Hand Under the Chin Nerve Pinch KO
Reverse Figure Four Headscissor Ko
Running Bulldog
Power bomb KO
Enziguri kick
Dual Bearhug KO
Tombstone Piledriver
Standard Piledriver


Length: 17 min

Price: 14.99