We fade in on Lia Labowe wondering why Sumiko never showed up for their scheduled match.  She assumes the SKW vet is scared of her…all while Sumiko sneaks up and attacks with a tight reverse bearhug!  Soon enough Lia’s eyes roll up as she fades into unconsciousness!  Sumiko presses her attack with belly punches against the wall,  a head slam, multiple wall punches, and an extended belly claw that knocks Lia out cold.  Sumiko continues destroying Lia’s belly, following up with knee drops, a leg spreader/belly punch combo, a crucifix/belly punch combo, a double belly claw KO, ground belly punches, and a brutal axe handle solar plexus blow KO!

Sumiko stands Lia up and sends several belly blows in from behind, only to trap her in a perfectly executed KO hangman.  As Sumiko goes in for more, however, Lia sends a punch out that connects with Sumiko’s groin!   A stunned Sumiko drops like a stone as Lia gathers her energy…and her rage!   The brunette goes on a full attack, destroying Sumiko with wall punches, grinding punches, full weight belly stand to a KO, a ground crucifix with belly attacks, a belly claw, an axe handle blow KO, a set of chest straddle belly claws, hairpulling uppercuts to the belly, and a final (and brutal) uppercut to the solar plexus that leaves Sumiko OUT like a light!  Lia folds her over in a matchbook pin and counts her pin, leaving Sumiko to wake up in sheer pain…curled into a ball and whimpering as we fade to black!



Length: 21 min

Price: 17.99