We open this unique video as the beautiful HANNAH PEREZ is conducting a Q and A interview with Sleeperkid that is being broadcast on the web.  As Hannah relates some of her history and experiences it appears someone is less than thrilled that Miss Perez is the center of attention.  SERENA is watching the broadcast as well and decides to make sure this is a memorable interview for everyone involved.

As Serena adjusts an ominous control panel on the wall, sleeping gas begins to filter into the room and soon has reduced Hannah to a mumbling, incoherent mess.  Still watching the broadcast, Serena laughs as the gas quickly forces Hannah to pass out and within seconds the humiliated beauty is snoring loudly.

Serena enters the room and toys with Hannah’s sleeping body a little bit, mentioning how jealous she was that SHE wasn’t the one being interviewed.  She sits Hannah up and clamps on a Sleeperhold that ensures the raven haired beauty won’t be waking up for quite a while.  Hannah is little more than a snoring ragdoll as Serena checks her limp limbs and gives a foot on body victory pose for the broadcast viewers before leaving her embarrassed rival out cold on the mats, still sawing logs.



Length: 8 min

Price: 4.99