What happens when you have Nyssa Nevers taking on Sapphire with Sumiko stepping up to serve as referee?  A comedy of errors that you would never expect in this continuation of the Learning to Count Series!

We fade in on Sumiko setting up a pro style title match between Nyssa and Sapphire where the first lady to get a ten count pin will win the match.   However, things start to go very wrong for the lovely Sumiko right from the start and time after time SHE is the one knocked out cold and unable to properly establish either of the actual combatants as the winner.  After multiple instances where either lady could have won the match had Sumiko simply been able to do her job, the frustrated ladies take their wrath out on the dazed and confused referee!

Nyssa and Sapphire call a temporary truce and put Sumiko through a two-on-one ringer that leaves her a broken heap.  However there is a still a final wild card to be played as one of these wrestlers isn’t going to let their truce last to the end of the video!!!

Body Punching
Airplane Spin accidental KO
Accidental Body splays against the wall
Accidental Elbow Strike KO
KO (accidental)
Belly Buster
Tombstone Piledriver
Forearm Strikes
Double Team Moves
Matchbook Pin
Mexican Ceiling Hold and KO punch double team
Outtakes/Alternate Takes


LENGTH: 20 min

PRICE:  16.99