Two of SKW’s BEST (Tracy Jordan and Alisa Kiss) do battle in this amazing multi fall pro style battle…and here’s the breakdown!

Round one:  the girls lock up but Alisa dominates with a figure four leglock that quickly makes Tracy slap the mats in submission!

Round two: Tracy takes control and dominates with belly punching, a snap mare, and a brutal chickenwing guillotine that eventually makes Alisa tap out!

Round three:  Alisa takes control with a brutal X-Factor, followed by TWO more that leave Tracy out cold on the mats.  Alisa nabs the pin and the point!

Round four: Tracy traps Alisa in a brutal bearhug but switches it into a KO CHOKESLAM for the pin and the point!

Round four:  A sudden DDT knocks Alisa out but Tracy can’t manage to get the pin after a kickout.  Tracy goes for a stunner but Alisa locks her arm around her neck as she drops, leading to a double stunner KO!  SK counts both girls out, leaving this round a draw…

Round 5:  Tracy goes for a body kick but Alisa catches it.  Tracy nails a sudden enzuigiri kick that catches Alisa on the jaw, however, and moves in for the kill.  She traps Alisa in a sleeper hold and gets the KO…and the point!

Round 6: Alisa traps Tracy’s arm win a tight lock and forces her to the mats, going on to nail SEVERAL brutal leg drops to the back of her neck!  She rolls her over and keeps the leg drops coming until Tracy is out cold and ready for a pin!

Round 7: The girls nail a sudden double clothesline that leaves them both out cold for yet another double KO count out!

FINAL ROUND: Alisa traps Tracy in a headlock and lands a beautiful running bulldog KO.  She goes for the pin but Tracy manages to kick out and take control.  She slams a boot into Alisa’s belly and knocks her out cold with a classic PILEDRIVER for the final KO, pin, and the win!

Your Winner:  TRACY JORDAN!



Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99