We crack back open the SKW vault and time warp back to 2008 for this awesome battle featuring the tall blonde KIRA taking on SUMIKO AND FIONA!

We fade in on Kira being interviewed by Sleeperkid where she relates that in a practice match with Sumiko and Fiona she destroyed both ladies and is ready to do so again.  However, perhaps realizing their best chance against the taller girl is subterfuge, Sumiko and Fiona sneak attack Kira.

It seems like a sound strategy at first as they are able to dominate Kira. Sumiko puts the tall grappler out with a Sleeperhold and Fiona uses a supported headscissor to knock Kira out but even after both of these holds and a series of splashes (including an awesome INSTANT REPLAY of the series), they still can’t keep Kira down for the ten count pin.

They drag the weary beauty up to work her over some more but Kira surprises her opponents with a double DDT! From here on out Kira takes full control, punishing both smaller girls with wall splashes, splashes on the mat, and a double headscissor KO that puts both girls in dreamland.

Not finished yet, Kira hoists each one up individually and gives each a devastating Tombstone Piledriver, leaving the limp and helpless as she lays them beside each other to gain a very cool double leg hook ten count pin and taking a well-earned, and hard fought, victory pose!



Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99