We crack open the SKW Vault to bring you this awesome video featuring Sleeperkid taking on the lovely Katja!  As the video opens Katja states that she wants to take on SK in a best of five falls sleeper hold battle!  Sleeperkid is less than worried and reminds Katja that her sister, Helena, has tried to place that challenge many times herself and usually ended up out cold and humiliated.  He gives her the chance to back out of the challenge but Katja has no doubts that she can do this and maybe bring some honor to the family name.  All we can say to Katja is….he tried to warn you.

Round One: One thing you can say about Katja is she has a lot of spirit and she goes right after SK as they lock up, securing a great arm wringer into a take down and then locking on an armbar, perhaps hoping to reduce the effectiveness of SK’s deadly sleeper hold.  However as they get back to their feet SK sneaks in a body shot and clamps on his signature move.  Katja nearly elbows her way out of it but SK knows everything about this hold and uses every bit of experience to get Katja down and slowly put her into dreamland, even making taunts to the camera regarding her sister Helena as he ragdolls the unconscious wrestler.  Winner: SK

Round Two:  Katja may have been down and out but she’s not giving up without a fight and again comes on strong with a clothesline, legdrop, belly claw and double ax handles to her downed opponent!  But as so often the case, experience has its advantages and SK is able to sweep a leg and get control back.  He works Katja over a bit before locking on a second sleep inducing hold as well as a Dragon Sleeper, continuing to trash talk Helena while humiliating her sister.  Katja struggles to keep those eyes open but it’s a futile effort and out she goes. Winner: SK

Round Three:  Clearly a bit worse for wear, Katja knows she has to get on the scoreboard now or it’s all over and she wastes no time in snatching SK up in a Bearhug and driving him to the wall. She goes to work with punches and knees and even scores a great wall splash that has the Kid reeling before she snap mares him to the mat.  But fortune is fickle and SK scores a Stunner out of nowhere that is the beginning of the end.  He applies a HOM smother/Sleeper that slowly drains the remaining energy and fight out of Katja, leaving her unable to stop SK as he makes an example of her and ensures that she lives up to the jobber legacy of her sister Helena.
Your Winner: Sleeperkid

This match also includes an alternate take of the first fall and outtakes as well.


LENGTH:  18 min

PRICE:  13.99