We fade in on Katja getting ready for her next match when a bouncy and lethal Sparrow walks in and starts talking trash.  Katja scoffs, reminding Sparrow how long she’s been in the business, but the tinier wrestler cuts her off with a sudden belly blow that takes the wind out of her opponent!  She proceeds to destroy Katja, slamming fists into her belly, wearing her down, and delivering KOs galore…all while ridiculing Katja’s belly and belly button, slapping the wrestler’s stomach in between KOs, and more…

Included in Sparrow’s attacks:

belly punches
sleeper hold
belly poking and slaps
wall punching
flurry punches to the gut
reverse bearhug
heart punch KO
double nerve clamp to the neck KO
face push into belly
over the knee backbreaker
body scissors KO
humiliation / writing on belly
sleeper hold KO

Convinced she’s won the day, the spunky Sparrow starts talking up her victory…all while Katja slowly awakens, shakes the cobwebs out of her skull, and attacks with a sudden sleeper hold that turns Sparrow into a drooling, KO’ed mess!   Katja decides to make an example out of the tiny jobber, ridiculing her belly/navel size, attacking with belly blows galore, a brutal belly claw pain KO, navel pokes, a drooling reverse bearhug KO, body scissors KO, and some belly writing of her own!  A final drooling sleeper hold seals the deal for poor Sparrow, with Katja leaving her devastated on the mats!


Length:  20 min

Price: 16.99