SKW gets to welcome another lovely lady as the fantastic APRIL FLOWERS makes her SKW debut against the beautiful KATJA!!!

Both ladies are back to back and eager to get stared with this classic “Most KO’s and Pins within the Time Limit” match up.  April has a bit of a height advantage but Katja certainly has an edge in experience and it seems clear from the start she is unconcerned about the rookie’s chances.

What April may lack in experience she certainly makes up for in aggression and she starts this off fast, driving Katja to the wall and working her over with belly shots before getting Katja down on the mat and applying a textbook perfect Camel Clutch!  April even talks a bit of trash as she adds a choke hold to the clutch that slowly saps Katja of her energy and puts her out for the count and an easy pin!

One could easily explain away that first fall as nothing more than beginners luck but unfortunately for Katja, April must be the luckiest beginner of ALL TIME as she proceeds to ANNHILATE Katja over and over again! Poor Katja is repeatedly KO’d by a variety of tactics that would impress even the most experience veteran as April easily puts her out.  More often than not it seems April isn’t even breaking a sweat as she smile sweetly and giggles at Katja’s weak struggles and adds insult to injury by finishing her with humiliating reverse school girl, Spanish Press, and One finger pins!

After six rounds of one sided destruction, Katja is nothing but a bikini wearing jobber zombie.  So groggy she can barely stand, she seems to have accepted her fate and when April is kind enough to ask Katja how she wants to be finished.  Katja sleepily requests belly punching and a sleeper and April is more than happy to oblige.  Katja manages a few feeble pawing attempts to break free of the sleeper before succumbing to unconsciousness and April finishes her off with a classic leg hook and ten count pin before an embarrassing foot on the face victory pose!  Beginner’s Luck or not, April Flowers is a force to be reckoned with!


Sleeperhold KO
Belly Punching
Camel Clutch Sleeper KO
Double Nerve Chop
Test of Strength
Body Scissors
Crippler Cross Face KO
Headlock Choke KO
“Derri Air” KO pose
Belly Punch KO
Hair Choke KO
Tongue Protrusion


Length: 16 min
Price: 13.99