KATJA AT A BAD TIME 3 (added on 7/3/17)

After taking the beating of a lifetime, Katja FINALLY gets revenge against her tormentor:  SKW champ SAPPHIRE!

After doing some research, the lovely Russian fighter discovers Sapphire’s secret (and painful) weak spot: her belly button!   She attacks as Sapphire trash-talks her, nailing a brutal blow to Sapphire’s belly that drops her like a rock!  The champ suffers unlike anyone’s ever witnessed as Katja takes her down and out with multiple attacks, most of which center around her weakened belly button!   A final solar plexus (spit take) belly KO ends it for the champ, who collapses in a heap on the mats…and at the feet of her former victim!


multiple belly attacks
use of the phrase “belly button” (customer request)
belly punches, knees, and kicks
begging and pleading
multiple belly blow KOs
closeup of belly button
finger poking and pulling in navel
temple drill KO
massive DDT KO
sleeper hold KO
tongue protrusion
verbal taunting
final spit take solar plexus KO
writing on belly


Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99

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