We open on a frustrated SLEEPERKID stalking around the mats.  He relates to Jacquelyn Velvets, who is acting as our camera woman today, he was scheduled to take on the delectable KARLIE MONTANA but after the embarrassing beat down that Jacquelyn dished out to her (back in Karlie’s SKW debut match, KARLIE MONTANA VS VELVETS), SK doesn’t think she is going to show up!

It looks like he spoke to soon though as the words are barely out of his mouth before Karlie has snuck up behind him and leveled the Kid with a double ax handle before locking him into a reverse head scissor!  Karlie and Jacquelyn trade some trash talk while SK struggles to escape the hold but it doesn’t take long for Karlie’s powerful thighs to put him out!  Karlie goes for a quick pin but can only get an 8 count.

Someone probably should have advised Karlie that if you are going to sneak attack Sleeperkid you need to make sure you don’t let up because as soon as the West Coast beauty starts to pull him up, SK sneaks in a hard belly shot that starts the turning of the tide.  What follows is an incredible display of Pro Style punishment as SK shows Karlie that both parts of the SKW Power Couple are equally dangerous.   Karlie is dealt knock out after knock out interspersed with painful submissions that have the bikini clad grappler screaming for mercy.  But the only mercy Sleeperkid is in the mood to provide is the mercy of sleep.

Karlie never comes close to regaining the upper hand and by the time a series of Tombstone piledrivers have turned out her lights, there is nothing she can do to stop SK’s ten count pin.  However, you can’t say the guy doesn’t have a heart.  He’s nice enough to hoist Karlie up in an over the shoulder carry as he takes his victory pose and walks off to find a comfortable place for her to sleep off the beating.



Reverse Headscissor KO
Belly Punching
Sleeperhold KO
Lifting Bearhug KO
Torture Rack Choke KO
Ceiling Hold
Dragon Sleeper KO
Series of Body Slams
Crippler Crossface Choke KO
Camel Clutch with nerve press KO
Eye Rolling
Figure Four Headscissor KO
Forearm Smashes to the Face
Face Kick KO
Reverse Bearhug
Boston Crab
Face Slams to the Mat
Seated Nerve Vice KO
Tombstone Piledriver KO
Over the Shoulder Carry



Length: 23 min

Price: 17.99