SKW veteran ALEX takes on JINX in this amazing multi fall match…and here’s the breakdown!

(each round ends in a pin and victory pose unless otherwise stated)

Round one:  Jinx traps Alex in a headlock, works over her belly, and goes for a wall splash but Alex rolls out of the way…trapping Alex in a sleeper hold that puts her OUT!

Round two: Jinx spins and delivers THREE back to back X-Factors that leave Alex out COLD and open for a pin!

Round three:  Alex traps Jinx in a modified Cloverleaf, a brutal camel clutch, and three back to back suplexes for the KO and point!

Round four: A dropkick from Jinx sends Alex into the wall, followed by a single foot standing wall choke, a successful wall splash, and a figure four neckscissors KO followed by three post KO neck drops!

Round five: Alex attacks with a sleeper but Jinx reverses with a brutal chin buster!   An exhausted Jinx faints on top of her opponent, however, leading to a KOed body pile.  SK counts the ladies out for a draw on round 5!

FINAL ROUND: Alex delivers several body slams, followed by a killer TOMBSTONE piledriver KO.  She goes for the pin but Jinx kicks out< slamming her fist into Alex’s gut to take control.  Jinx counters with her own PILEDRIVER KO, followed by a final exhausted and successful pin count!

WINNER:  Jinx!



Length: 17 min

Price: 14.99