Any time you get two talents like KYMBERLY JANE and JEWELL MARCEAU together on the mats, you are going to have sparks flying all over the place and this match up, filmed during SKW’s recent West Coast excursion, measures up to those expectations in spades!!!

As our video begins, Kym is utterly beside herself with excitement as she is about to begin a wrestling session with the legendary Jewell. Kym’s fantasy is to be dominated and Jewell is more than willing to accommodate that request.  She puts Kym through a sensual series of holds and knock outs that have the lovely Miss Jane growing sleepier and sleepier throughout the session but from the sound of things, Kym enjoys every second of it.

As their session draws to a close, a final KO request leaves Kymberly out cold on the couch as Jewell is nice enough to tuck her customer in and give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek.  Another happy customer for Jewell Marceau, undoubtedly some sweet dreams for Kymberly Jane, and an AWESOME video for the fans ensures this one is a happy ending for all!



Sleeperhold KO
Limp Limb Checks
Bodyscissors KO.
Front Headscissor KO
Rear Naked Choke with Bodyscissor KO
Dragonsleeper KO
Body scissor, one armed choke KO
Reverse Headscissor KO
Neck scissor KO


Length: 24 min

Price: 17.99