A flashback to Jessie Belle’s first visit to SKW…and her first match against Sumiko!

Round one:  Jessie strikes first with a clothesline and follows up with a standing bearhug that turns Sumiko into a limp ragdoll.  She continues with several body slams, a running wall splash, and a TOMBSTONE piledriver for the pin!

Round two:  Jessie strikes again, starting off with a spiked DDT and following up with a belly splash that Sumiko reverses!   Sumiko nails a flying neckscissors takedown (Hurricanrana) and presses her advantage, taking Jessie down with hand-stand splashes, running snapmares, and a brutal implant DDT KO for the pin!

Round three: Sumiko starts off with a sudden X-Factor and goes for another takedown, but Jessie reverses with a huge sidewalk slam!  Jessie delivers another and then nails THREE suplexes in a row, followed by an airplane spin carry and a dead drop to the mats.  A torture rack followed by another full body drop to the mats leaves Sumiko stunned and ready for an extended sleeper hold for the KO and pin!

Round four:  Sumiko reverses Jessie’s sleeper and goes to town on Miss Belle, dropping split splashes across her abs to wear her down.  She follows up with a leg nelson into a Skull Smasher for the pin but Jessie kicks out.  Sumiko traps her in a deadly sleeper of her own for the KO and the pin!

Round five:  The ladies trap each other in a sudden DOUBLE neckbreaker that leaves them barely conscious on the mats.  A double clothesline floors them again and SK is forced to count them out!

FINAL ROUND:  Sumiko attacks with belly blows and a killer wall splash and decides to go for a piledriver.  Jessie suddenly REVERSES it, however, dropping Sumiko like a sack of rocks!  Jessie delivers another PILEDRIVER KO, followed by a Fireman’s Stunner KO, and a painful Southern Discomfort that turns into a brutal BELLE RINGER KO!

Your winner: Jessie Belle


Length: 24 min

Price: 18.99