It is great to see ISOBEL WREN back at SKW as she takes on CAMERON in another treat from the SKW vaults.  We fade in with Isobel outside being interviewed by SK about her upcoming match, stating she’s been working out hard to get ready.  That work out didn’t prepare her for a sneak attack though as Cameron gets the jump on her and uses a devastating lifting bearhug from behind to crush the fight out of her before clamping on a sleeper that renders Isobel limp! Cameron hoists her opponent up over her shoulder and carries her off to the house to start the match.

We fade back in as Isobel is out cold in the mat room.  As she comes to Sleeperkid lets her know that given the circumstances they could postpone the match but Isobel wants some payback and the match begins. Isobel is a house of fire and quickly works Cameron over before snapmarring her to the mat and locking on a sleeper of her own that knocks out the bigger girl and gives Isobel the first point.

As we start the second fall Isobel again begins aggressively but an ill-advised attempt to piledriver Cameron ends up in a reversal and counter that drills Isobel to the mat and allows Cameron to even up the score.

It’s all Cameron from here on out as she uses her power advantage to batter Isobel all over the mat, taking the third fall with an X factor before utilizing a three piledriver combo (two standards and a tombstone) to finish off the slim beauty.  Cameron takes a final pin and victory pose as Isobel’s day on the mats ends the same way it began: With her out cold and limp.



Length: 12 min

Price: 8.99