Who is ready for some mixed wrestling action? TRACY JORDAN, that’s who! As we start off this match, Tracy is all decked out in some cute socks, pigtails and a one piece leotard and in her opinion she is more than ready for some pro style wrestling!  However, SLEEPERKID has his doubts.  He admits that Tracy looks pretty but is more than a little dubious that she can actually back up her big words on the mats.

Things kick off quick and Tracy wastes no time, kicking SK and clamping on a headlock to try and take early control of this match.  But it takes more than a pretty face and pigtails to take down the Kid and he counters by scooping Tracy up for a sidewalk slam that drills her to the mat.

You can’t say that SK isn’t a nice guy though.  Nope, instead of tossing around Tracy, he instead gives her a hug….a bearhug that is! His strong arms squeeze every bit of air from her body until she goes limp and drops to the mat.  This sets the tone for the rest of the match as Sleeperkid provides Tracy with a clinic on the power of the bearhug, repeatedly crushing the breath out of her and rendering her unconscious with a variety of bearhugs only to wake her back up and do it again.

By the time it is all over, Tracy falling prey to a three count pin after yet another bearhug put her in dreamland, SK is kind enough to scoop up the wannabe wrestler in an over the shoulder carry and take her back to the locker room.  Hopefully Tracy has learned that it takes more than the right look to make it in this business!



Length: 19 min

Price: 14.99