What could be better than a match featuring wrestling legend HOLLYWOOD?  TWO MATCHES! We crack open the SKW vault to bring you to outstanding pro style match ups as our favorite GLOW alum takes on IVY SLOAN in her one match and OKSANA in the other.

As we kick off our first ten count pin match, Hollywood is confident as she prepares to take on a mystery opponent though she seems a little perturbed at taking on the diminutive cutie pie Ivy, having beat her in the past.  Ivy shows know fear however and goes right after the veteran, managing to put her to sleep with a devastating piggy back sleeper!!! She wastes no time in brutalizing Hollywood further with a camel clutch and some body punching against the wall before trying to get a quick win with a series of running round off body splashes.

But Hollywood won’t go down so easy and Ivy’s pin attempt signals the beginning of the end for the little blonde.  The experienced pro takes over and after a sleeper puts Ivy in the land of Nod, Hollywood uses her famous games, and a figure four leg lock, to have Ivy screaming in pain.  A few powerful impact moves soften up Ivy enough for a piledriver that leaves her easy prey for a ten count pin as Hollywood gets the “W”

Your Winner: HOLLYWOOD

Match 2

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Oksana on the SKW mats and you have to feel a little bad for her when you consider the difference in experience between these two.  Much like Ivy, she seems to have realized that a sneak attack is her best chance at a fast pin and she goes right after Hollywood with body slams and a back breaker to wear down the veteran.  She even tries to put her out with a Sleeperhold but a quick eye rake reverses the fates and it’s all Hollywood from this point on.  She punishes the youngster with brutal submission holds targeting both Oksana’s arms and her legs.  Suitably softening her up, Hollywood makes use of a textbook DDT to get the pin and enjoys a final victory pose over another defeated challenger.

Your Winner: HOLLYWOOD


Length: 22 min

Price: 16.99