We cracked open the SKW vaults for two more matches with the legendary HOLLYWOOD! These two stellar matches, which include the lovely GLOW alum’s first trip to the SKW mats in Atlanta, see her going up against perennial fan favorite JACKSON and the always tough JESSICA NOVA!

In our first match, Hollywood is relating to Sleeperkid how she has been beating anyone she is put up against, hardly getting any kind of challenge, when Jessica walks in.  Jessica isn’t intimidated by Hollywood’s reputation and is more than willing to take her on.  They agree to a no DQ, No Holds Barred match with the most KO’s in ten minutes getting the win.

The two lock up and Jessica surprised the veteran with a quick arm bar.  She presses the advantage and works Holly over with knees to the body, eventually driving her to the mat and repeatedly knee dropping down onto that weakened arm.  Jessica follows it up with a brutal Crippler Crossface that has Hollywood screaming in pain.  The SKW wrestler never lets the West Coast pro get any momentum going, working her over with brutal submissions that leave Hollywood unable to stop Jessica’s KO tactics (including a Sleeperhold, Figure Four Headscissor, and devastating Stunner KO).

Already in the lead, Jessica shows neither mercy nor respect to her famous opponent, finishing her off by snatching up a wooden sign and smashing her in the face with it to set up a final ten count leg hook pin.  Jessica takes a proud victory pose over while Hollywood is left to dream about what the hell just happened!


As we start match two, Hollywood is once again being interviewed by Sleeperkid and talking about how she was impressed by Jackson during their first match together (all the way back in “HOW THE WEST COAST WAS WON: MATCH 8)  but is confident that she can defeat her again.  Jackson is watching from the wings and is determined to get some payback from that defeat, sneak attacking her rival and immediately snatching on a perfectly applied Sleeperhold that puts Holly down and Jackson on the scoreboard.

Jackson must be harboring some long simmering ill will after that loss so long ago because she is absolutely on fire in this match up.  She slaps Hollywood belly to wake her up and viciously attacks her body before snap maring her back to the mat and crushing the air out of her with multiple “splits splashes” to the gut before using her trademarked single leg neck scissors to KO her once again.

More knockouts follow in quick succession as Hollywood is helpless to stop a stunner followed by a lifting bearhug that set her up for a pin but Jackson mercilessly stops her own count at 9 and pulls Holly up for more punishment.  A Lotus Lock stretch leads to Skull Crusher head smashes into the mat and another knock out.  A fisherman neck breaker looks like it might spell the end but Jackson has one more trick up her sleeve….

Out comes a rag soaked in chloroform that slowly puts the West Coast veteran out for the night and so deeply to sleep that a follow up series of leg drops don’t even make her stir.  Jackson hooks the leg and takes her ten count pin before planting a foot on Hollywood’s stomach and striking a double bicep pose.

With these two proud grapplers splitting their series at one fall apiece, something tells me this feud isn’t over just yet….




Length: 23 min

Price: 15.99