We fade in on the lovely Anne-Marie and Monroe, two massive wrestling fans who saved money in order to hire the stunning Cheyenne Jewel (their favorite fighter!!) for a private session.  Cheyenne enters as her giddy fans admire her physique.  They ask for a complete beatdown from the experienced fighter, commenting on how it’ll be fun…since wrestling’s “fake”.  Cheyenne offers a sly grin before suddenly trapping both girls in a double CHOKE!  Anne and Monroe’s eyes widen as they sputter and struggle.  Cheyenne’s arms quickly renders them unconscious, sparking off an amazing one-sided “session” that leaves both jobbers clobbered and out cold on the mats.  A final set of knockouts finishes them off with both girls coming to just long enough to comment on how “awesome” it was to get destroyed by the powerful Cheyenne, right before fainting on the mats!


double chokeout KO
multiple KOs
sleeper / ficure four neckscissors combo KO
doube neckscissors KO
double punchout KO
instant replays
reverse neckscissors
reverse figure four neckscissors KO
face punchout
victory poses
muscle flexing
multiple pins
1 on 2 belly punching
running wall splashes
wall splash KO
body pile
derri “air” KO pose
fireman’s carry
forced foot choke
double REVERSE neckscissors KO!
final pin
double faint KO!


Length: 18 min

Price: 16.99