HIGHLIGHTS: volume 35

The popular Highlights series continues, this time featuring the first meeting between the legendary SKW veteran ANNE MARIE and the ravishing new comer to SKW, LUNA LAIN!!!

We fade in with Luna striking a kneeling victory pose over the prone and unconscious Anne Marie, appearing very proud of herself and smiling ear to ear having earned the victory over her much more experienced opponent.  But how did all of this happen?

We travel back several hours as Anne Marie is stretching out, only for Luna sneak attack her and clamp on a Sleeperhold!  The tension and chemistry between these two is palpable from the start as Luna is determined to embarrass the vet and show the fans not to sleep on the new girl on the block.  However despite her treachery Anne Marie quickly takes control and uses a sleeper of her own to put the Luna down for the KO!

You aren’t going to sneak attack someone like Anne Marie and not pay consequences and the beautiful blonde goes after Luna with brutal forearm smashes and a running kick to the back of the head that once again knocks the red head out, only for her to drop to the mat in an embarrassing Deri-“air” KO pose.  Anne Marie wants to add some injury to that insult and instead of going for the pin applies a picture perfect Figure Four leg lock that has Luna screaming!

But it seems this rookie might have a trick or two up her sleeve and with seconds Luna has managed to reverse the hold, making Anne Marie howl in pain until the hold is broken.  Luna presses her new advantage and stuns the veteran with a series of X Factors (with an instant replay), that render Anne Marie unconscious.  Multiple faceslams into the mat keep Anne Marie groggy and unable to stop a

“Code of Silence” modified figure four headscissor that once again sends her off to dreamland.

That alone would have probably been enough to get the win but Luna is here to prove a point and she certainly does as Anne Marie is subjected to a Stunner KO and multiple Tombstone Piledrivers that keep her from remaining conscious for more than few seconds at a time.

But all good things must come to an end and for our weary veteran that end comes as Luna applies a perfect Sleeperhold that leave the blonde robbed of both her consciousness and her dignity as a drooling mess on the mats.  Luna folds her foe up in a matchbook pin and further adds to the humiliating defeat by counting out her ten count pin with a series of condescending smacks on the butt before striking the same victory pose that opened this awesome clash of titans.



Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99