We fade in on a body pile comprised of wrestlers Amber Young, Jinx, Saya Savage, and Mayhem as SK tells his fans that he wasn’t able to capture every second of the massive battle that preceded it.  Instead, he’s decided to cut together a highlight reel…and it’s a KILLER set of fight segments featuring four talented fighters, all looking for that final pin and win while destined to end up in the aforementioned pile!


multiple KOs
1 vs three clothesline
multiple sleeper hold KOs
limb checks
FOUR girl sleeper (triple KO)
belly punching
snap mare
belly splashes
cartwheel belly splashes to a KO
instant replay
leghook pins
victory pose
double stunner KO
X-Factor KO
double pin
back to back suplex KOs
1 on 3 pin cover
triple wall splash KO
body piles
multiple knee strikes to the face (three KOs)
floor jaw punch KOs
four girl neckscissors KO!


Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99