In this classic SKW match up (filmed quite some time ago), we fade in on a body pile composed of Cassidy and Anne-Marie, who’d been doing battle for hours…both exhausted until a final winner emerged, shortly before she fainted on top of her opponent.  SK explains that he couldn’t capture everything on camera, so he’s cut together a highlight reel for the fans to enjoy!   What follows is tons of back and forth action as both Anne and Cassidy do their best to take each other down and OUT!


exhausted performances
belly punching
over the top selling
wall splashes
karate chop KO
derri “air” KO pose
faint KOs
tongue protrusion
body scissors
sleeper hold KO
multiple leg drops to the back of the neck
multiple leg drops to the throat
multiple belly splashes
suplex KOs
failed fainting pins
body piles
blackjack strikes to the skull
post KO blackjack strikes
overkill attacks
boxing glove blows to the face
uppercut KO
face down neck scissors KO
tazer attack KO
double tazer body pile KOs
piledriver KO
knee slams to the back
failed wall splash attempt wall slam KO
final belly press pin
body pile finish



Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99