An epic battle between pro star Hellena Heavenly and SK!!!

The beautiful Hellena Heavenly starts us off with a short tirade on the Kid’s so-called “winning streak”.  She chalks it up to him only wrestling girls he knows he can defeat, so she vows to make an example out of him the next time she sees him…and that she does!   She waits for him to show up to their match and performs a perfect sneak attack, trapping him in a tight sleeper hold that is suddenly reversed via several well-placed elbows to the belly!   A stunned Hellena finds herself at SK’s mercy, and he seems to be fresh out!   What follows is an expertly-delivered and one-sided squash that ends with a BRUTAL TOMBSTONE piledriver and a pin, but not before SK has completely thrashed an overwhelmed Hellena Heavenly!


belly attacks
head slam into wall KO
stomps to the gut
kick to the face KO
limb checks
piledriver KOs
tombstone piledriver KOs
swinging neckbreaker KO
stalling neckbreaker KO
suplexes to a KO
double handed neck claw KO
mandible claw KO
multiple thumb strikes to the throat KO
ankle lock
body slams
boston crab
camel clutch with face pulling
torture rack
over the knee backbreaker
sleeper hold KO
final piledriver barrage
leghook pin
victory pose


Length: 20 min

Price: 15.99